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Frederick, Maryland, As Well As Surrounding Areas


Frederick, Maryland,
As Well As Surrounding Areas


Air Sealing Services in Frederick, MD

After 35 years in the HVAC industry, our founder Carl started his own business in Frederick, MD based on the principle that his reputation is on the line every day. Ever since then, our team has prided ourselves in customer service excellence, because we enjoy working directly with homeowners, service managers, and building owners. With Real Comfort Systems, if you want hassle-free air sealing service, that’s what you’ll get.

Not sure if your home needs caulking or weather-stripping? No problem! We run blower door tests to precisely measure how much air is escaping your home, and where there are areas of improvement. Using relevant data, we can show you exactly what kind of air sealing service will benefit you, and where it should go. No need to worry about how airtight your home is anymore; we’ve got you covered.

Contact Real Comfort Systems today for a whole house approach for home performance!

Caulking Leaks and Holes

Caulking is a useful service in Frederick, MD that can patch up the leaks and holes in your ductwork. Without proper caulking, your air ducts could be leaking your heated or cooled air to the point where you might be paying an incredibly high utility bill for no reason. Not only that, but leaking ducts can force your air conditioner or heater to work much harder than it should be.

Caulking might seem minor, but it provides some major benefits. Sealing even those minor holes and leaks in air ducts, attics, and walls can keep your comfortable indoor air from rushing outside. Don’t just assume your home won’t need caulking because you’ve never had it done before—it can free up your wallet and help your HVAC system last longer than it would otherwise!

Weather-stripping: An Economical Solution

What if we told you that by weather-stripping your home, you could save more than 20% on your heating bill this winter? Before you try to perform this fix yourself, you’re going to need to detect exactly where the leaks are coming from. Just applying weather-stripping materials to all your windows won’t necessarily fix the problem of air leaks.

That’s where we come in! Our weather-stripping service is coupled with machinery like a blower door test that can detect exactly where the most prominent leaks are. After we detect the leaks and seal them, you’ll notice a drastic change on your energy bills and our weather-stripping service will practically have paid for itself!

Don’t Forget Your Attic!

Attic air sealing is another process that can save you money on your utility bills. According to Energy Star, attic sealing is not a project you want to do yourself—which is exactly what we’re there for! If you’ve got drafty rooms and uneven temperatures, it could be from heat escaping through a leaky attic. Since heat rises, it’s more likely to escape through your attic than any other place.

That’s why a quality attic sealing project can leave your home cozy and comfortable in the winter while your attic retains all the heat you produce. Not only that, but thorough attic air sealing can keep ice dams from forming in the cracks of your attic in the dead of winter, which is a nasty problem that can cause damage down the road.