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Frederick, Maryland, As Well As Surrounding Areas


Frederick, Maryland,
As Well As Surrounding Areas


Home Performance Services in Frederick, MD

The difference between Real Comfort Systems and every other HVAC company, is that we continue to stay in touch after we’ve performed the work on your heater or air conditioner. Home performance is a necessary part of home comfort, and if we were only installing and repairing systems, we’d be a pretty neglectful contractor.

That’s why we call ourselves the “whole house approach.” We don’t just stop where it’s convenient. The performance of your home, from weather-stripping, to zone control, to even running energy audits, are a massive part of home reliability and comfort. With us, you’ll always be aware as to where your home stands in its energy needs and the status of its home comfort systems.

Contact Real Comfort Systems for your Home Performance Needs. We’re the whole house approach!

Seal Your Home Tight!

It’s a proven fact that a tightly sealed home will save more on heating and cooling costs, as well as suffer from less water damage than a home riddled with holes and cracks. Don’t worry, we’re not saying some homes are better than others, all homes, duct systems, and windows crack and break over time. What we are saying is that vigilant homeowners that hire professionals for air sealing services, will see a dramatic lowering of their utility bills and an increase in HVAC effectiveness.

From caulking, to weather-stripping, to even attic air sealing, we make sure your home is airtight. We even provide energy recovery ventilator systems in case your tightly sealed home could use some conditioned fresh, outdoor air as well!

Evaluate Your Home Energy Efficiency

Energy audits are a valuable tool to see how much power your appliances are consuming. Sometimes, a well-planned energy audit can show discrepancies where a faulty HVAC system is sucking up too much power, signaling that it’s at the end of its lifespan. We don’t just stop there though.

We’re the whole house approach when it comes to energy efficiency, which is why we like to work with customers to make sure they’re aware of areas for improvement when it comes to their home electrical system. With our blower door test, we can tell approximately how airtight your home is, and recommend you to a trusted, local insulation company if that’s what your home needs.

Zone Control for Even HVAC

Some homes heat and cool space unevenly, that’s just the brutal reality of the world. However, with our quality service and a top-of-the-line Honeywell electronic damper, your heating or cooling system will be forced to treat your home evenly. Say goodbye to hot or cold spots, because electronic dampers can control the flow of air in your duct system to an incredibly precise degree.

We install, repair, replace, and maintain these electronic dampers, as well as any other devices we procure that monitor and assist in the even airflow of your home. Zone control is a piece of HVAC. If you’re noticing that your heater or air conditioner feels ineffective in certain places of your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for our zone control services in Frederick, MD.