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Frederick, Maryland, As Well As Surrounding Areas


Frederick, Maryland,
As Well As Surrounding Areas


Frederick, MD Furnace Services

Furnaces are a popular and efficient solution to your heating needs. With a system as effective as a furnace, you’re going to want it professionally installed by the professionals in Frederick, MD. Real Comfort Systems is the service team you can trust. When installed improperly or when damaged , furnaces can leak carbon monoxide into a home, potentially harming you and your family. Calling us isn’t just about getting a hassle-free gas furnace installation, it’s about making sure the job gets done right the first time for the sake of your health.

When Carl started Real Comfort Systems 20 years ago, it was with the intent to provide heating and cooling based on his philosophy of customer service excellence. We don’t mess around or try to upsell you the latest and greatest furnace to make an extra buck. We’re committed to getting you set-up with a reliable furnace that’s safe, affordable, and that just works.

Contact Real Comfort Systems today for an appointment. We’re your whole house approach!

Quality Gas and Electric Furnace Service

We see our fair share of both gas and electric furnaces in Frederick, MD. There’s nothing that feels quite as awful as scheduling gas furnace services only for the technician to tell you that they only perform repairs on electric furnaces. With us, we’re your whole house approach, which means we’re experts at repairing various kinds of furnaces.

Installation, replacement, repairs, maintenance, you name it! Give us a call at any time of the day for professional furnace work that you’ll be happy with. Did we mention that we’ve got a satisfaction guarantee that comes with our furnace work? That’s what you get with the whole house approach.

Your Choice, Your Heater

Just because we service both gas and electric furnaces doesn’t mean you have to do the one we tell you to! There are big differences between the two of them, and depending on the type of home you have—it’s entirely up to you which furnace you’d like us to install.

Gas furnaces run cheaper since natural gas is often cheaper than electricity. Homeowners often say that the heating produced from a gas furnace is more effective and even than heating than electric furnaces. However, gas furnaces when not maintained properly run the risk of leaking carbon monoxide, which can be extremely poisonous when not detected.

Convenience and Reliability

If you’ve got furnace problems in the middle of a snowstorm, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with 24/7 emergency furnace repairs that can get your home heated and your family safe and comfortable again. Gone are the days where you had to wait a whole weekend to see a technician that was on vacation, we address your heating needs when you need them.

There’s a reason we’re known for our honesty and quality service. Comprehensive furnace service shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it shouldn’t take forever. We provide furnace service that is hassle-free, that has helped us earn our reputation for customer service excellence. Schedule an appointment with one of our furnace technicians today!