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Very often, problems with excessive utility bills, polluted indoor air quality, unpleasant smells, hot and cold spots, and endless cycling from HVAC equipment is the fault of ductwork.  All sorts of contaminants can be concealed inside the ducts, such as dust, pollen, construction debris, insects, webs, decomposing rodents, and mold.  Not only will restricted airflow lead to health risks and discomfort, but added stress on heating and cooling systems.  Let the professionals from Real Comfort Systems solve the consequences of dirty ductwork with expert cleaning in all of Frederick County.



Expert Duct Cleaning Service

Using the Whole House Approach, we provide conscientious inspection of residential duct systems, thorough cleaning, and cost-effective results.  Combining specialized tools with proven procedures, there is no damage to the duct system or your property, no mess, and the process is quick and affordable.  With 20 years of experience, Real Comfort Systems has seen firsthand the importance and benefits of duct cleaning, and we offer expert services across Middletown, New Market, Urbana, Ballenger Creek, Frederick & Jefferson, MD.

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