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Frederick, Maryland, As Well As Surrounding Areas


Frederick, Maryland,
As Well As Surrounding Areas


Commercial Air Conditioning in Frederick, MD

Air conditioning is vital to your business, period. It can get hot and muggy during the summers here in Frederick, MD. Studies prove that an air-conditioned work environment can increase productivity drastically. That’s why we’re your primary contact for everything that has to do with commercial air conditioning. We’ve got over 35 years in the industry with the expertise and training to show for it. Don’t leave your commercial air conditioner work up to an amateur when it comes to your business.

When our founder, Carl, started Real Comfort Systems, it was with the express intention to give quality HVAC service to homeowners, service managers, and building owners precisely because he knew that his reputation would be on the line every day. Now, that business has flourished into an commercial HVAC company full of service professionals that have the knowledge you might be looking for.

Contact Real Comfort Systems for quality commercial HVAC support. We’re your whole house approach!

Commercial Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

Commercial cooling isn’t something you want to leave up to an amateur. Installing a rooftop unit requires the right set of equipment and training to make sure it gets done right the first time. That’s where we come in! Leave your commercial cooling needs to us, by allowing our service professionals to install a brand-new commercial AC or replace your faulty one that’s been causing you trouble.

Our commercial AC installations come with a satisfaction guarantee, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that the professionals are giving you their best. The same deal goes with our system replacements, just in case you’re looking to take care of your AC system that’s approaching retirement.

Maintenance and Quality Repairs for Your Commercial Air Conditioner

No commercial air conditioner works as it should without an attentive maintenance plan put in place by professionals. That’s why we offer our "Priority Club" membership to make absolutely sure that your commercial air conditioner lasts as long as it can while providing effective cooling to your business. These systems don’t last forever, but they can last 10-15 years with a maintenance plan that addresses the minor issues before they become major.

When your system does have trouble, we’ll be there with quality commercial air conditioning repair that can make your AC function good as new. In a perfect world, our cars and AC systems would work without ever breaking down—but we both know that nothing ever works as planned. That’s why a maintenance plan like ours will give you 24/7 priority service and solid commercial air conditioning repair.

Increased Efficiency for an Affordable Price

There are many models out there for commercial air conditioning, which is why we’re dedicated to making sure you’re fitted with the perfectly sized system for your business. Systems that are too large or too small don’t properly cool off a building’s interior, which can eat into your utility bill as well.

Having a system that works isn’t the only thing we’re concerned with. Your business needs an air conditioner that doesn’t leak air or work too hard, which would end up sky-rocketing your electric bills. Don’t add another set of expenses to your business with an inefficient air conditioner, make sure you’ve got the professionals to confirm that your system is as efficient as it can possibly be.